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PHANTOMS--BackPage File 001--BY JCL (C) 2016

Brief history of
The article Hayes worked on was the following
1992--State of Network TV Notes--1.) Patent
infringement suits force color TV off air in 1988.
Court battles between networks, VCR manufacturers.
All TV broadcasts in black and white until court
differences solved.-stolen recording parts from CCA
(Communications Corp of America) largest
manufacturer of TVs abnd VCRs) turn up in VCR
company units.
2.)Live TV broadcasts prohibited under court
injunction-restraining order. a.) "Blackout-radii"
for major sporting events b.) 1988 winter olympics
in Tokyo--Jap govt. forbids live TV coverage in
protest of American nuclear navy presence in Japan.
c.) NFL-USFL contract breach suits and team
abandonment of stadiums force 1990 shutdown of NFL.
3.) VCR, home computer systems virtually replaced
commercial net TV after 1986 deregulation by FCC
drastically reduced the prices of home-in-tech-
hardware. (continued)

(net TV cont.)
4.) "File Footage"--as a result of the restrictions
imposed on television broadcasts, by 1989 there
were few sporting events on TV and everything else
was black and white reruns of ancient stuff like
"Sgt. Bilko" and "I Love Lucy." The only way the
nets were staying in business was through daily
news broadcasts, in black & white, telecast live.
The typical news telecast couldn't use the "Live-
action" camera though and were forced to use pre-
court ruling "file-footage" that would accompany
the narrator by the news-caster. File...

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..PHANTOMS OF TSIOLKOVSKY--Introduction--By JCL (c) 2016



   By summer of 1992 the Space Telescope had been deployed for over a decade.
It routinely relayed information through the Tracking and Data Relay Satellites to a
vast network of data gathering systems on Earth. During the first few years it was
operational the information received on Earth brought worldwide attention. But midway
through that decade the people had already lost interest in the "Space Eye" as it came
to be known.

   Indeed as fear of government spying was at a maximum, this eye in the sky
became yet another symbol of big-brotherism. Electronic espionage in space was at an all time high.
The Space Telescope,though not practical for Earth recon, was
nonetheless used a lot in political cartoons. No one cared any more what it saw a mere
ten years after it was deployed by the Space Shuttle.

   In America 1992 was an election year. It was now halfway between 1984 and
200l.The Republicans had promised a Space Station by 1994. They prevailed for
another four years but were beaten after a close contest in 1988, The elected Democrat had organizational troubles but the military wanted the Space Station so construction  forged ahead nearly on schedule.  In the 1992 race a former military   general was the Republican running for office. The incumbent Democrat was installed by the unions but they lost a lot of ground in four years. The general had Aerospace behind him.

   The Space Shuttle industry had expanded immensely since 1984.The  United 
States now had seven shuttles in some stage of operation through NASA and four more through the Air Force at Vandenberg.  Space Station docking could already accommodate
three shuttles at once. Nations from around the world were leasing
room in  the cargo holds of shuttles for payloads to be deployed in   space. The payloads were usually communications satellites. France used the shuttle to deploy a Skylab type orbiter in 1988.

   The Russians had replaced the Joneses in the Amrican Dream The Americans were forever playing catch-up ball with them in space.
The Russians had recently tested some new laser defense weapon they mounted in a Salyut type orbiter. The laser gun could burn a hole through a Boeing 777 far below at 70,0900 feet. On clear days the  cosmonauts would clown with the gun burning holes through the ice
of frozen lakes as they passed over Russia.

   Missile deployment in Europe had come to a halt back in l987.   The level was 
maintained at zero deployment up until 1992. Fears that the general would get elected
prompted the Russians to deploy a new type cruise missile. Some went to East Germany,
many more went Yugoslavia. The  incumbent Democrat immediately ordered large
 Air Force cargo jets to deliver several dozen new class of Titans to NATO countries.
The incumbent didn't want people to think he was a chicken. Besides, the general would
have deployed  them  anyway.

   This brought every crackpot, doomsday prophet, do-gooder, martyr and saint
alive into the streets. Their faces painted ghoulish shades the were clad in all 
forms of cutoff military jackets, camoflage fatigues, tennis shoes and sandals. They carried guitars
and doomsday  signs. They were pre-atomic catastrophe mutants, wasted products of too many sit-ins and bad psychedelic trips. But it was just this tvpe of citizen outpouring that caused the World Civilian Riots of '86-'87.  That brought the Great Freeze of '87. Now in 1992 the freeze had thawed and the anti-nuke crazies were back out at the installations 1aying down in
front of buses and mi1itary vehicles.
"You can't please all of the people all of the time." The Freeze of 87 
brought about the Technocrat Rebellion o£ '88. Thousands of aerospace workers were
laid off their jobs as a result of decreased defense contracts. Before the end of that
cold winter hundreds had been arrested for a variety of offenses. Many were still in
prison serving long sentences for sabotage of government space installations and
sel1ing secrets to the Russians. The FBI's 'Space-scam", as it was called, report
never did reveal the number of technocrats arrested, harassed or put under sur-vel1lance.
The entire Aerospace industry came near to extinction as the Space Station
came close to falling back to Earth unfinished. The mi1itary struck a deal with
Aerospace to get the projects back on schedule. Though the Democrat won' on a
"Space Camp" platform that November his approaches to a unified space program
failed. The Space Camp soon went nowhere down the shortest possible path. By the
end of 1988 no one knew what to do with the space program, not even the experimental monkeys
had a clue.